The Media Lounge Restro cafe Rating D



First off this cafe is located in Media city in the concord towers. I was meeting an client at this building and decided to try this cafe out.

This location sells everything from breakfast to desserts. The cheapest breakfast item was 28 AED and the cheapest appetizer was 16 AED.

20140424_124831 20140424_124835

For lunch I tried their grill chicken for 39 AED. It included grill chicken, fries, some bell peppers, tomatoes, and mixed pickle. The chicken was nice and semi spicy. I ordered an 7up which came in an can that they charged 11 AED. To me if a restaurant wants to charge 11 AED for an soda it better be fountain as for the can coke at the market is only 1.50 AED. Which makes the 7up literally over 7 times the amount. The fries on my plate where the steak cut. They had no salt and were very bland and not pleasurable to consume.

The food was below average and price was too high for the quality. Only thing this cafe has going for them is the customer service which isn’t half bad. Not the greatest but I left very unhappy over the quality of the food for the price they charge I will never come back to this cafe or even recommend this place to eat if your in Media City.

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